Like the rest of the penguins, he has no idea what is expected of the penguin species, other than to "smile and wave." – stock editorial photography #55337935 from Depositphotos' collection of millions of premium high-resolution stock photos, vector images and … He was making an appearance to announce the opening of the Children's Zoo. After a long fight between the animals and DuBois and her henchmen, DuBois is tranquilized by Mort and her men are knocked out. Pam's personality is very cocky, and she has a loud laugh. Manfredi and Johnson (voiced by James Patrick Stuart and Danny Jacobs) are penguins who were former members of Skipper's team. In Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, it is revealed that Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private, along with Mason and Phil, have been in Monte Carlo. In "Nighty Night Ninja", he watches a martial arts film with the penguins while he waits for his home to air out, due to a fish bomb. The Dancing Dogs are a group of six performing dogs with British Cockney accents as members of the circus in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. Despite her martial arts skills, she is still portrayed as a "little old lady"; she has a waddling gait, wears dentures, and is knocked onto her back when firing a gun. In "Antics on Ice", it was revealed that he is a fan of the Lunacorns series due to their positive focus on a horned animal. The kid screams, causing Alice to come and see what the problem is. In this episode she falls for Rico after he saves her from being frozen in cement by demolishing it. She and her men are last seen shipped to Madagascar with her henchmen (similar to the first movie) thanks to the Penguins. During "Huffin & Puffin", he appeared in New York, initially apparently wanting to make peace with Skipper, before his true agenda was revealed to be his attempt to take control of the Penguins' lair for revenge. His name sounds a little to "Wakunga", (singular: "Mkunga") which means "midwives" in Swahili. He suggests that they should give his uncle "a chance at a new life." Chauncey (vocal effects provided by Kevin Michael Richardson) is a Madagascar hissing cockroach who is Karl's pet and henchman. In Exiled, Koto has to deal with the underground rebellion started by Mort, who eventually escapes. Shortly after, Maurice witnessed Gloria, Melman, and Marty working with a group of penguins to fight off the fossa that were attacking the lemur tribe. Blowhole escapes, promising revenge. In season 5, Dorothy is bored with Ted's indecisive nature and ask Dr S' help to bring out Ted's more manly alter-ego, Snake. Skipper describes him as "clearly a world-class psychopath". [23] Axmaker also commended the voice of Zuba, played by Bernie Mac, saying "his vocal makeover is so complete that you may not recognize his voice, but you will appreciate the warmth and vivid personality of his creation. It is not finalized, but it seems that Antonio was the individual who Marlene's test picked up, not Fred. When King Julien XIII thrives as king, his devious uncle will do any conniving thing to regain the throne. Though she thinks he is the ideal boyfriend at first, she realizes that he only loves her for her enormous stomach, whereas Melman loves her for who she is. Mort was just happy to be in the dream despite that he was "road kill" in it. After some confusion, they start to set up their own society and attract the attention of a lemur colony. "In "Eat Prey Shove," Ted once covered for Clover when she was sent on a vacation with Mort and Xixi and unknowingly caused the Fossa to take advantage of Clover's vacation to attack King Julien's kingdom. Her tongue hits Maurice's head and predicted grape jelly, a funnel, and a pair of woman shoes. Their marriage is revealed in the third series. Despite the fact that Mort is often treated poorly by King Julien, the other characters show concern for him as Maurice tries to (if with limited success) save Mort when he may be in danger to be King Julien's biggest concern, and Skipper, who refers to Mort as "sad-eyes", dived in the way of the mutant rat overlord to save Mort. At the coronation, the Foosa interrupted and take some lemurs with them. She wears a blue woven floral necklace, has gold eyes and has heart-shaped palms. He has blue eyes and tends to over-analyze situations. In "I Know Why The Caged Bird Goes Insane", he becomes increasingly derailed as the episode goes on after being temporarily bound to a wheelchair, mostly because the nursery he was being held in was right next door to the Science Expo, and he makes a few attempts to break out. He states it was his dream job and it has become a nightmare, when he ate too many kumquats because more people no longer like him. Private manages to stop him by putting on a steel suit and hugging him, making Barry realize he only needed a friend. Efficient Charlie was not seen again, but he was mentioned in the episode 'The Jungle Games' when Xixi said that Charlie should have been in during spear throwing instead of Clumsy Pete. Nana is featured in The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper, where she proves that there are times when she is shown to be not only aggressive with animals, but with also people, like when she destroys random merchandise at a kiosk while shopping for her dog, then demands to purchase Private in a very rude tone, when she refuses to pay the taxi driver her fare, when she tells her doorman to "buzz off" and then punches him in the face for no reason, and even when she does not hold the elevator for Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico. He can swallow and regurgitate almost anything from paperclips and explosives, all the way to a running chainsaw and ground-to-air missile. They make a cameo appearance on a newspaper in Turbo. Julien insisted that if they could make friends with Alex and his friends, the fossa would be scared away for good. When King Julien, Clover, and Maurice exit the zeppelin, they are confronted by Karl who prepares to fire a laser at him until the balloon carrying the rocks with every wishes that the lemurs wrote on them for the Sky God member Frank falls from the sky and lands on Karl. During the episode, Maurice asked that "Since when did we get four Ricos?" King Julien first encountered Timo in "He Blinded Me with Science" where he replaced the batteries in King Julien's boom box after it ran out of power during King Julien's dance to get the Sky God Kevin to bring rain to his kingdom. Manfredi (the larger sized penguin) has lost his left foot now replaced by a stick while Johnson (the Kowalski-sized penguin) broke his right flipper and seems to have a burn on his body. Dave used to be one of the top attractions at the Central Park Zoo, in which time he entertained children with his clever and funny tricks. Mort responds to everything Julien tells him to do as "I like..." followed by whatever Julien said. Gloria is a hippopotamus who resided in the central park zoo as an attraction.Gloria had a positive nature when it came to most of the problems, and served as a voice of reason for her friends. Would you like to draw a hippopotamus? DuBois' Men are four men of Captain DuBois' animal control officers. Later, Julien persuades Melman to volunteer for the sacrifice, who believed he was going to die soon anyway. Mort makes his first appearance in Madagascar, wherein he has a minor role. ", if Skipper did not keep him in line. The Amarillo Kid later returns in "Showdown on Fairway 18," but this time has a changed personality. He screamed "Galileo Galilei" when he got his injection during "Needle Point". ", The Broches are the trio of cockroaches who appears in the episode "Stop Bugging Me.". He becomes especially upset when he believes one of them to be dead. He finds her on a date and simply tells her date what a wonderful girl Gloria is and to treat her right. Kowalski, being a sceptic, records her and sends the video on internet, hoping someone will figure out that Blue Hen is faking her powers, only for her to gain popularity. Marty is best friends with Alex and the two are rarely at odds. Dorothy is more interested in the marriage than Ted, considering that he cried at their honeymoon. In "Littlefoot," Marlene was separated from her feral self thanks to Kowalski's latest invention, but the separation resulted in her monstrous alter-ego going on the rampage while 'regular' Marlene was now excessively paranoid and afraid of everything around her. In "Viva Mort," Becca and Abner have started the Lemur Alliance Liberation Army (LALA) to get revenge on King Julien. His catchphrase is shouting "Operating out of a CAAAVEEE!" In "One More Cup," King Julien, Maurice, and Mort find a bag of coffee beans and take it to Timo, who made a coffee machine. Melman had a residence at the Central Park Zoo, where he received constant medical treatment for problems that were all psychosomatic. But she changes her mind again after a message from Jarsh-Jarsh in a dream and instead deprograms the cult-addicted minds of everyone. Moto Moto (voiced by in the film, Greg Eagles in the video game) is a chunky, handsome and muscular hippopotamus with an attractive deep voice, who is very attracted to 'big and chunky' females. Fortunately, Skipper returned to New York with the help of a spirit guide in the form of Alex the lion as seen earlier in the movie. They and the other animals go to Monte Carlo to find the penguins. He is also a bit odd. With the help of Mort (who became intelligent from the coffee), they plan to destroy Karl's coffee supply. However, eventually, Gloria realizes that Moto Moto only loves her because of her extreme obesity. Bada and Bing (voiced by John DiMaggio and Kevin Michael Richardson in Brooklyn accents) are giant eastern lowland gorillas. Private battles him, and though the game is close, Private wins with the help of a cricket he had saved early. One of the most familiar may be Gloria in the film Madagascar (2005). He is the technician of the group and always has his notepad (and, every now an then, an abacus). As a result of his inventions, he comes off as unhinged, especially when he becomes overly defensive about what he does. Manu and Maya are two performing Indian elephants as members of Circus Zaragoza in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. While competing against Clover in the olympic games, she shows that she still has feelings for her sister when she helps her win. According to the DVD commentary, she took Makunga back to New York with her in a kitty cage. In "The Big Move," Archie appears as a property agent where he tries to sell Rico a house. Marty, along with his friends, has only a few small cameos in The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper. May 19, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Evelia. He was mentioned again in "Operation: Big Blue Marble" when Skipper suggested Blowhole as a suspect for the recent environmental chaos and random weather conditions that they were experiencing, but Kowalski confirmed that Blowhole was still at Coney Island as Flippy. He was soon returned to Coney Island under his old name of Flippy the Dolphin, where he was forced to jump through the Ring of Fire once again. It is noticeable that he has a different voice and design compared to his appearance in "All Hail King Julien.". For example, when Julien tried to escape, he told Magee that there was a contest to see who could give Ethan the best hug. While Mason is unable to read, Phil can and is used to decipher writing while Mason translates the ASL. Max (voiced by Wayne Knight) is the penguins' stray tabby cat friend who lives in an alley near Central Park. In "The All Nighter Before Christmas," he mentions that he is so used to talking on television that he has forgotten how to talk normally. She is the main protector King Julien (since the other guards ran away) Despite the fact that she thinks the new king isn't very bright she is fanatically loyal and faithful to him and is even willing to die for her king. Todd is often nervous and has a tic, and when he snaps he can be a terrifying force which can even frighten Mountain lemurs. Rob McTodd (voiced by David Koechner) is a lemur who was King Julien's old friend. In the storyline of "Exiled", Clover went on a quest with Sage to find the perfect weapon, only to realize through the teachings of Sage's annoying mudskipper master that they need each other to be in perfect balance (after spending a day body-swapped). Jarsh-Jarsh then body-swapped Sage and Clover, which lead to Sage experiencing anger and rage, he beat up his mentor when Jarsh-Jarsh mocked him - until Clover, in Sage's body, intervened. Lil' Arms Magee (voiced by Rob Paulsen) was a crocodile that worked for Captain Ethan. An instance of this is when the zoo occupants were ordered to make a cake for King Julien, and Mason mistakes "booger" for "sugar". In the episode "Diapers are the New Black", Dorothy and Ted start creating fraud diapers to make a profit. Captured in a cage, he is fed milk and forced to transform himself. Archie (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is a raccoon with a Robin Hood-like motive and a friend of Fred. In the election battles between Maurice and Mort he is forced to abandon his post, leading to a crisis with the flies abducting everyone, but at the end he is restored to it again. He is used to the life of comfort in the zoo but learns to adapt to the wild. They don't speak, but they make a bubbling "octopus" sound that Dave understands. The Fossa are recurring characters in All Hail King Julien. Whilst running from the authorities who are closing in on them, Melman gives Alex the idea of boarding the train containing the circus. When Alex and his friends plead with the circus to let them escape on their train, Vitaly is the most resistant, only to be overruled by Gia. In the episode 'Eye of Clover", he enters the tournament and defeats every player. In the Season 5 episode "Night Creatures", he visits alongside his sister, King Julien's mother, to investigate the strange beast hauntings in the kingdom, hoping that he can get the crown back if King Julien is declared incompetent to rule. As the plane crashes down to Africa after running out of fuel and momentum, Julien takes utter pleasure in the feeling of weightlessness caused by the high-speed descent. Throughout the third film, she pursues the Four in hopes of having their heads as trophies, especially Alex's. With that, a profoundly heartened Vitaly becomes a fast friend of Alex. The Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns – Again! When their favorite zoo visitor loses his teddy bear, our gang goes on a wild adventure through New York City to return it to him – and in the process Marty learns that some things in life can’t be found in an instruction manual. As they make their getaway, the Amarillo Kid stays to free the penguins. Eventually, Karl tells Chauncey he would never choose Mary Ann over him and they become best friends again. He is skittish most of the time, but often has moments of profound clarity. When asked by Alice what his real name was, X responds that his mother never told him his real name, instead telling him that it was "classified." He does tend to be a little self-absorbed, often not seeing the problems of others above his own. At first, Skipper abused the hyper-cute, using it on everyone around them, so Private swore to never use it again after the misuse of the hyper-cute caused chaos around the zoo and nearly got them sent away. Masikura told King Julien, Maurice, and Clover about what happened. X returns in the episode "What Goes Around" when he tries to capture the penguins when they are found out of the zoo on the streets of New York, but the subsequent chase results in X losing his job due to the scale of the damage he had caused and the public's lack of belief that penguins were responsible for his actions. Above the skies of France, the plane's engine fails and it crash lands into a suburban rail yard. In the first Madagascar movie, Skipper is the mastermind behind a plot to escape the confines of the zoo and leave for Antarctica. The Amarillo Kid (voiced by Jeff Bennett) is a nine-banded armadillo. His sidekicks, Kowalski, Rico, and Private don't talk much until The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper. However he is defeated by Clover when he falls into the Pit of Doom. In The Penguins of Madagascar, the bobblehead is nowhere to be seen. In Season 5, he is revealed to be the Minister in charge of Mangoes, a post he fulfilled for a long time successfully protecting his charge from the fruit flies by a flyswatter he is really attached to. Pam admits she did not even want the crown anyway, considering the people were stupid enough to elect a puppet. Once Randy tells them their story, the Penguins decide to help Randy with his predicament by using various defense methods including: "Repelling" Polymer, Static Electricity, and Hypnosis, all of which backfire. Generally, he is a straight man, displaying a very stereotypical general personality when not in battle: he's been shown waking his men up early in the morning for training, has given them trials on being able to work without him a number of times, and has been shown to being very hard-boiled. Peter Potamus was a companion series to The Magilla Gorilla Show and both series premiered in first-run syndication before being picked up by ABC in January 1966. Marty likes seaweed on a stick. Pinky (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) is a sassy American flamingo, who usually only appears as an extra zoo animal in the series. But Julien got bitten on the butt, while saving the lemurs and his scream sent boulders falling down and the Fossa run away. The disc was taken by Pete Peters and Peters aired it. Randy (voiced by Will Friedle) is a sheep who lives at the Children's Zoo at the Central Park Zoo. He had parties for his subjects on Madagascar with much frequency, the likes of which were interrupted constantly by the fossa, which trespassed onto the lemur territory, devouring all that they could catch. He decides to turn over a new leaf, and voluntarily puts the Putter back, saying he'd rather go shell-less than proving Skipper & Private right that he hadn't changed. They duped Mort into helping them until their movement was discovered by Clover. At the beginning of the episode, Hans surprises Skipper by meeting him in China and refers to him as such. She also hits Melman with her hand bag, causing his head to get stuck in the Grand Central Station Clock. She covered King Julien's coronation party but fled when the party was raided by the Foosa in the first episode. His father learns to respect his habits, and they remain in Africa instead of flying home with the penguins. The penguins deny that fortune cookies have any power, despite receiving three accurate fortunes, and dismiss it as superstition. As soon as they get back home, Doris tells Kolwaski that she likes him now and they kiss for the first time. The Rat King (voiced by Diedrich Bader) is a genetically enhanced, muscular lab rat who resides in the sewer. His uncle gives Julien the crown after learning that the king of the lemurs will be eaten by the Fossa. Unaware of this, Pancho is activated when he hears the trigger word, to kill King Julien. Julien in Clemson's body then decrees "Julien" king right before they are switched back. This causes him to start attacking the other animals in a sleep-walking state the next day. This causes doubt about his role as alpha lion, and almost every animal on the reserve wants Zuba back. Maggie (voiced by Andy Richter) is a poor replacement of Masikura, her predictions are shams and she constantly suffers from extreme flatulence. A female mountain lemur who arrived with Koto but fell in love with Mort during Exiled. Gloria returns in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted with Melman, the couple finds their way as they contribute to the circus' success with a spectacular tightrope act. He then sends a giant mutated lobster he devised earlier in the episode called Chrome Claw after Skipper and the penguins (which he'd mentioned he was planning to create during their previous encounter) but they manage to defeat it. As a result, Vitaly's stunt is performed perfectly to open the successful show. Marty was unhappy at hearing this, and Gloria told Alex to go to console Marty. Smile and wave.". Sean Axmaker of Seattle Post-Intelligencer praised the characters, noting the "marvelous character animation" and "the palpable camaraderie between animal buddies" kept Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa "rolling". He sometimes allows her to tag along on missions. [citation needed]. Later, when Mort and Clover invaded to rescue Julien, Magee attacked them along with his mates. Upon introducing Timo to the lemurs, King Julien had them receive the technology that was salvaged from Timo's area. Skipper calls him Classified, who states his name isn't really "Classified". The next day, Maurice took part in the festival honoring the newcomers. He first appears in "Mask of the Raccoon" where he has been going around stealing from the zoo and supposedly giving to the poor. After reaching a shore at Africa, Mort is pursued by a persistent shark, which follows him onto the African preserve. Dave (voiced by John Malkovich) is a villainous and disgruntled octopus who appears in Penguins of Madagascar as the main antagonist. First they tried a park with Roger disguised as a log. Officer X (voiced by Cedric Yarbrough) is a New York animal control officer who has a single-minded focus on removing stray animals from the streets. Kitka/BTS. Throughout all the series, Ted is shown to be nervous at many times. Once on the island, Marty had his dream fulfilled. Discover (and save!) Mascot SpotSound US with high quality for your sport events, private parties or marketing promotions. Mort makes appearances through The Penguins of Madagascar, along with Julien and Maurice. With help from Masikura, King Julien, Maurice, Mort, Clover, and Timo were able to find ground water to help stop the fire. When they all came to, they found themselves in crates bound for Africa. The series features Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Gloria the hippo, and Melman the giraffe residing in a rescue habitat at the Central Park Zoo. Throughout the episode, the baby fossa kept biting King Julien. [17] Alice is involved in several aspects of the animal's well-being. Dr. S (voiced by Jeff Bennett) is a cobra who works as a self-taught underworld doctor. Mary-Ann (voiced by Debra Wilson) is a female fossa and Horst's secret-lover. Chew nearly mauled Private, while Nana was watching a football game on TV, but was defeated by Skipper, Kowalski and Rico, who had set out to rescue Private. The obstacles DuBois avoid during her and her team's chase behind the animals' SUV in Monte Carlo are sliding past some omega-3 fish being spilled on the road while carrying her scooter up high, driving from one building to the other in slow motion after jumping off her scooter (where the animals are preparing to get on the plane), and doing some stunts in an office building. Becky and Stacy both make a reappearance in "Tunnel of Love," where they fall in love with the beavers and romance interferes with the beavers' work. Parker than betrays the Penguins and Doris when he reveals he works for Dr. Blowhole and takes him back to the base where all the Lobsters are. But while Clumsy Pete mumbled about which button it is to shoot, he hit his own leg. When the other foosa rebel and tie the two to a tree, Horst reveals that due to the many scarring he received while romancing Mary Ann, he can contort and mangle his body to escape his bonds, impressing Mary Ann, who declares her love for him before leaving to restore order amongst the foosa. Sage also gives one last try to reconcile with his brother by reminding them of their childhood bond, but Koto mocks his sentiments. Kind of a loner, fears change, and is always seen holding a beverage in a coconut shell. This page was last edited on 29 December 2020, at 19:47. She again crosses paths with Alex, then fights him, and wins again, although Alex puts up much more of a fight this time (although Alex confesses to his friends that he actually only did it to distract her to get her bag, making Nana's victory unofficial). He is often seen in scenes taking place in Heaven, where he has a rematch against Clover's grandmother Rose. In "Roger Dodger," he tells Rico that he would take him out if he had to and tells him "just ask Manfredi and Johnson." L. Lead Reindeer (Donner?) As Julien XIII's predecessor, Julien XII is a lazy, strict, paunchy, cowardly, and older lemur oozing smarminess where he had strict rules that kept the lemur kingdom quiet in order to keep the Fossa away. At this party, Marty announced his wish upon blowing out the candles on his cake: to go to the wild. The film was dedicated to Mac's memory. Makunga often challenged Zuba to fights over the alpha lion position, but was easily beaten. Once he ambushed him, he uses his clown-shaped "Mind Jacker" to steal Skipper's memories so he can use them to infiltrate the penguins' lair so he can turn them into his monster slaves using his "Diaboligizer". The scene where the female hippos tell Gloria that Moto Moto likes her has become an internet meme. When the animals nearly die trying to fly back to New York in a salvaged airplane, he screams he is in love with Gloria; she is asleep and does not hear. Due to an unknown reason in "Goodnight and Good Chuck," he was fired and replaced with his rival anchor Pete Peters and he got a new job at the zoo as Alice's assistant. His first, and so far only, appearance is in "A Visit From Uncle Nigel.". Over the course of the series, he likes and trusts them less and less. Alex is mistaken for a Maine Coon and takes over its life in the penthouse; despite being very comfortable at first with his fancy-schmancy new life, Alex begins to miss his old life and learns that it's lonely at the top. He manages to gain some power while in Africa, although very few characters actually pay attention to him, getting to ride a flock of flamingos with Maurice, then moving on to riding ostriches and finally an elephant.