This is probably a good time to mention that the Metabo HPT miter saw is a well thought-out, precise, and nicely engineered tool. Metabo HPT came in second with 19-points. Do the testers think the accuracy or lack of would be a deal-breaker in a high-end trim work. Is it capable of performing precise work or not? | Disclaimer & Privacy Policy Tool Box Buzz™ is a Trademark of Tool Box Buzz, LLC Visit Our Partner Sites   Â. Because you need a PHD to even begin to compare them, all the exclusions, different tools fall into different categories, it’s just too complicated. Our goal is to provide readers with honest, objective information based on our own experiences. The battery test is not really an issue. These tests and evaluations are very difficult, take a lot of time, and ultimately limited in scope as we’re not a professional testing company and we’ve got limited time to evaluate the tools. This is a simple test with some uncontrolled variables, but our methods were fair. Where the light shone through, we took a set of machinist feeler gauges and determined the size of the gap under the flat edge. Whether the cuts be thick, deep, or curved; the Delta Sliding Miter saw has been introduced with the perfect safety measures and also focusing on the comfort level for the users. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Final Verdict: Providing you the relief services and characteristics, the Delta Miter Saw is very much capable of going through any material cuts. I didn’t have all this information when I bought my Milwaukee 7 inch, but I still made the right choice in the long run. This is because the rubber dust shroud blocks the laser. We measured any gap between the fence and the flat edge and noted the maximum reading from the feeler gauges. The Evolution Power Tools EVOMS1 Compact Folding Miter Saw Stand combines stylish design and functionality to make it one of the best miter saw stand in the market. LED Shadow Light – The Bosch and Metabo HPT miter saws both have a built-in laser that indicates one side of the blade. While the easy field modification is to cut or remove these flaps – this really should be addressed by DEWALT. It is full-featured, with everything you’d want from a job site saw. : Read more about Rob, Robillard. Whenever we do a cordless tool comparison, we level the playing field by taking the results and dividing the results by the number of watt-hr for the particular saws’ battery.  Metabo HPT accomplishes this with a  battery pack adapter with a 20-foot cord and “brick-like” inverter. The Bosch miter saw is also more compact making it fit easier in smaller workshops. AC / DC Option – The Metabo HPT is the only miter saw of these three with the capability to run on battery or corded power. The Kobalt saw surprised the crew with its impressive run-time. We conducted a dust collection test by performing 25 cuts on a 2×6 piece of KD lumber and measuring the volume of wood dust collected by the vacuum. Comparing tools from multiple brands is never easy but the devil can live in the details at times so a comparison is certainly warranted. Glad to hear the opinion of the professionals considering just a saw as a unit and not factoring price. Basic miter saws are designed to handle simple cuts. Additionally, we assessed the buildup of dust that didn’t make it into the vacuum but accumulated on the table and fence of the tool. After a full day of running performance tests, the team spent several hours in the shop testing and ranking the saws in seven [6] categories including: We weighed each saw, and carried the saws upstairs, through doorways, transported one-handed to open doors or gates, and loaded/unloaded the saw into a work vehicle. The probability of a bit of vibration and an extent of noise can be found in any of the saws, but depending on your material kind and the cut type. Hitachi C10FCE2 Best 2019 Review All in all, the Hitachi C10FCE2 provides some significant bang for your buck.It is everything you need in a miter saw and much more, and you … Some of the saws have a single piece lower fence and others have a two-part lower fence. To be consistent, all the saws, when able, were equipped with a Milwaukee 60-tooth, After running the calculations, Craftsman. In general, the TBB Crew is not a fan of lasers and prefers the blade shadow light option similar to the Craftsman, Kobalt and Milwaukee saw. The Makita and Kobalt tied for third with 28 points. However, other users will care a lot about the accuracy of their new saw and want to tune it to as near perfect as can be achieved. The compact, lightweight design (31.6 bs.) This takes up less room in the shop or on the job site. These are the basic features you must get from a good miter saw stand. It scored tops in the run-time testing, decibels and price. The saw is stable with the perfect weight. Find 10 Best Small Circular Saw Reviews in 2020 ( LATEST... Offers you the Elastomer grip to control the machine and lessen the vibration while operating it. The Ridgid miter saw it comes with a 12-inch carbide-tipped blade. With the types of safety buttons, this Miter Saw has the dust collector option with the material holding clips. For this installment of our “Head-to-Head” series, we took a look at compact cordless miter saws. MOST UNDERRATED 7 1/4'' Miter Saw On The Market Today!Today we are talking about 7 1/4'' Miter Saws and which one is most underrated! This enables the user to read the accurate relative difference in inclination between the table and the blade. The Hitachi products of Miter Saws are of great quality. the gap in the finished miter joint.  Similarly, 3° over 5-in. They are tried and true saw designs.Â. span will result in a 1/64-in. Rob enjoys using his knowledge and experience to help and educate building professionals as well as DIYers on best practices in the remodeling industry. Don’t care about an item we ranked? These days more and more contractors are taking better care of their hearing. The quietest saw was the Kobalt with 84 decibels followed closely by Metabo HPT with 84.4 decibels. We will always strive for objectivity and transparency in our reviews. The saw is the best choice for house workers, it can be used regularly for small projects. Bring the saw forward, make the cut, wait for the blade to stop, reset, and repeat. BOSCH 18V 8-1/2" SINGLE-BEVEL SLIDE MITER SAW KIT GCM18V-08N14, MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL 7-1/4 DUAL BEVEL SLIDING COMPOUND MITER SAW KIT 2733-21, MAKITA 18V X2 LXT BRUSHLESS CORDLESS 7-1/2" DUAL SLIDE COMPOUND MITER SAW XSL02Z, Kobalt 7-1/4-in Sliding Compound Miter Saw, CRAFTSMAN V20 7-1/4-Inch Sliding Miter Saw Kit (CMCS714M1). Capable of cutting the various angled-cuts, presenting you the Tacklife Miter Saw which is light in weight and can be easily transferred. The Concord Carpenter's motto: "Well done is better than well said!" Milwaukee and Kobalt hit the sweet spots for ease of transport with two side table handles, and a well-placed top handle. And watch out for the blade quality if you are opting for the harsh cuts. Features to be expected in the best miter saw stand include durability, foldable, value for money, compact, and safe. A compact sliding miter saw can have a horizontal cut capacity that rivals that of full size 12″ saws! The Bosch was an 8 inch blade and that killed it for me. This is important when considering purchasing saw as a long term investment. Kobalt Compact sliding 7-1/4-in 10-Amp Single Bevel Sliding Compound Corded Miter Saw Item # 857240 Model # SM1816LW Maximum crosscut up to 2-in x 8-in (nominal) at 90 degrees and 2-in x 6 … With the magnificent cutting capacity, the Delta Miter Saw is the Cordless Miter Saw. I wanted to try the Metabo specifically because of the AC option, but no one had them in stock and that price is stupid. No problem. Makita, Bosch, and Milwaukee scored one-point apart from each other. For the easy adjustments of the angle cuts, the saw provides you with the proper blade wrench, 60T carbide blade, and hold down clamp. Power Tools Air Tools Hand Tools Measuring & Layout Cordless Tools Automotive Lawn & Garden, Home » Latest Tool Reviews » Head-To-Head » Best Compact Sliding Miter Saw, December 4, 2020By Rob Robillard on Head-To-Head, Miter Saw. Kobalt Compact Sliding Saw is designed fashionably with the advantage to carry the saw on your convenience since it is light in weight. Non-sliding compound miter saw … The DEWALT Compact Miter Saw Stand has a universal design that works with all brands of miter saws. Depending on the primary application of your miter saw needs, transportation is a major part of the day to day considerations you’ll want to take into account before committing to a new saw. This saw tied for second place in the overall testing and is the lowest priced saw at $249. Bosch, Makita and Metabo HPT tied for third place with 30 points. The Bosch saw also excelled in ergonomics, accuracy, dust collection, and did well in decibel testing, the LVL test, run-time and price brought down its score.  Makita placed either second or third in almost every category, scoring well in many categories with decibels, run-time, and price hurting its placement.  Metabo HPT was in a similar situation with accuracy, dust collection, and price affecting it’s placement. Nice to hear about the ergonomics and mobility of the reported items. 90-Degree Cross Cut – For this test, we set the saw to the factory 90-degree setting for a cross-cut. Also Know The Easy Steps And Tricks To Use It, What Is A Plunge Saw? But if in case you are not sure the blades which have been delivered with the saw itself would work or no; you can anytime go for the high-quality blades and fix them with the saw, and there your saw will have a good speed to cut through them all. 10 Best Miter Saw Under $200 – Lightweight & Powerful ( 2020... Best Small Chainsaws Buyer’s Guide | Top 10 picks, How To Set Up Table Saw? Supporting up to 400lbs of the weight, this stand has the ability to stand through any of the harsh cuts. gap. There are several top miter saw table brands and models out in the market today, but they are categorized into 4, not including homemade stands. Why? Focusing on the user’s comforts, these Miter Saws are user-friendly allowing you to complete your task easily. Simply remove that from the matrix above and re-rank them. Weight: 14.6 pounds The Makita LXT Lithium-ion is among the best cordless miter … From carpenters working in finished spaces, to shop workers who want to reduce the amount of airborne dust in their environment, knowing how well a saw will integrate with a vacuum is an important measure of performance for any user. The Kobalt took first place with 27-points and Craftsman and Milwaukee tied for second with 28-points. And this encourages the machine to work with more enhanced efficiency and durability. The RIDGID Professional Compact Miter Saw Stand is solid, easy and quick to assemble, provides a decent work height (32.5” from floor to top rail), and folds to a low profile, perfect for hanging on my … From 0 to 45 degrees of the slant angle adjustments, this Metabo compound saw allows you to make perfect cuts for all the various kinds of the materials. The saw does not provide with the laser guide function. The Tool Box Buzz crew has to give hats off to the Kobalt, it was an excellent performer with some nicely thought out features. We placed the flat edge onto the table and first looked for any light that could shine between the table surface and the stainless flat edge. This plan package offers 8 detailed pages of how to construct this miter saw … Compact Sliding Compound-Miter Saws Could a smaller saw, maybe even a cordless, handle everything you really need to cut on the job? We made five timed cuts in 7-1/4″ LVL  lumber and recorded the average time. It scored second in price and run-time. We measured the factory 45-degree cuts by setting the saw to its 45-degree setting. The Wixey gauge can be set to zero out any inclination in the saw as it sits on a bench. Forward Rail Design – We found the  Metabo HPT forward rail design to operate smoothly. We never have and never will accept payment in exchange for a positive review. This shadow light marks the blade in ANY lighting situation, and unlike a laser, never has to be calibrated since it casts a shadow of any blade mounted on the saw onto the workpiece.  It’s foolproof. This is such a nice and good thing to do on your side. 8. I ended up getting the 10" sliding one and still I ended up getting the 10" sliding one and still [Home Depot] Ridgid Free Compact Miter Saw … The Metabo HPT was the highest priced saw coming in at $1,168. With a fabulous practice using this Saw, you can design decorative items for your house as well as for other worksites too. If we saw a gap, we measured this gap with feeler gauges. Thank you for performing basic cuts and testing the features of each individual unit. The reason for this was that the dust chutes rubber flaps [behind the saw blade] collapsed when the dust extractor was turned on. If you have a small shop or work in cramped spaces regularly this feature can open up a lot of floor space. Craftsman was also a surprise to the team. With exception of its 45-degree accuracy, it scored tops in every category. These saws range from a tiny 6-1/2″ to 8-1/2″ with the majority falling into 7-1/4″.  We’ve given these saws thorough testing, looking at a variety of criteria to help you decide which compact miter saw will work best for your needs. LS1019L 10″ slide miter saw with the crown molding cutting capacity (6-5/8″ nested) of a 12″ miter saw and in-front bevel lock for convenient operation LS1019L has unique 2-Steel Rail … It can make quick cuts through the material. If the team was playing with company money and could buy any saw, then the Metabo HPT would be in that mix. If the saw were about $100 cheaper, we could recommend it as a good upgrade from the single-bevel saws, but at the listed price we feel that this is not the best compound miter saw and you … With a bit heavier in weight, the Wen best sliding compound Miter Saw has a capacious worktable. Its design is precise, modern, and well made. Highly constructed to perform the heavy material cuts, the saw is capable of having the repetitive hard cuts. You will need to replace the blades which have come along with the machine to get exact and harsh cuts. Constructed of tubular steel with a powder-coated finish, This … It has the perfect angle adjustments adaptability. Its $1,200 price tag severely hurt it’s ranking in this test and will prohibit most people from considering it as a purchase. It has great stability while making cuts through hard materials. The Power Test is a good indication of what the saw and blade configuration can cut. We had the same operator conduct each cut, with the instruction to let the saw do the cutting, apply as much pressure as the saw and blade would allow. Laser vs. The team especially liked the rack and pinion bevel adjustment, the 52-degree max angle, and the dado with a scoring feature. The Wen compounding Miter Saw has good features to offer you. Hitachi introduced the first modern sliding compound-miter saw … We checked the calibration of the saws out of the box, recorded our findings, and then calibrated the saws, noting the level of difficulty to get them tuned up. Flipping one of the pieces 180 degrees, meant that any deviation from a 90-degree cut would show twice the error than just measuring one side by itself. the most effective combination of battery technology, stamina, and motor power on a per watt-hr basis. A basic miter saw carries the lowest price point … Hitachi is a very well known brand across the globe. Final Verdict: Whether it be plywood pieces or the wood or the PVC pipes, the saw can make cuts through any of it. It is a feature-rich, beautifully crafted tool. Compact design and lightweight aluminum construction (29.8 lbs.) Equipped with a powerful 15-Amp motor … It is heavier, … No thermal overloads were encountered. the gap in the finished miter joint. It can hold up to 10′ of material, and its … It took second place in dust collection and the LVL power test and had a solid 3rd place showing in features. gap. With the positive Sliding Miter Saw reviews the Saw is an electric-corded power source that allows the machine to work with more accuracy. Offering you the benefit of the laser guide this Saw is not a Compact Sliding Miter Saw. Providing you with the Arbor lock which empowers you to instantly switch the blades whenever required plus the electric brake allowing you to hold the blade. RIDGID introduces the Professional Compact Miter Saw Stand. This test allows us to see who has the most effective combination of battery technology, stamina, and motor power on a per watt-hr basis. I have the Dewalt for obvious reaasons – I have DeWalt batteries. Final Verdict: With the list of the features additionally the electric dampers and the Arbor lock this Miter Saw is perfect to use along with the Best Miter Saw Stand. This type of gauge is accurate to one-tenth of a degree. Capable of cutting other hard materials too. After running the calculations, Craftsman came in first with 2.4 cuts per watt-hour, followed by DEWALT and Metabo HPT with 2.1 cuts/watt-hr, and third place was Milwaukee with 2.0 cuts/watt-hr. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. I cannot thank you all enough for the great work. Simultaneously with a couple of drawbacks. Final Verdict: Providing you the great features of angle adjustments, blade adjustments and also the table extension benefit in this Miter Saw; it also has a few drawbacks like the saw does not have Dust Collector, and the LED light to accumulate the dust and lighten the shaded part respectively. Providing you with the no-load speed of up to 5500 RMP, this Miter Saw offers you the laser feature enabling you to have a clear view of the cutting marks. You can also subscribe without commenting. In some cases, we also have advertising or affiliate relationships with manufacturers and retailers of products and services we review. These are the basic features you must get from a good miter saw … Pricing is based on kits where available. For each cut, we zeroed the gauge. Overall, the Hitachi C10FCG s the best value miter saw, well worth the cost. This is the best tool for working on the material outside and indoors. Made of lightweight aluminum construction, it weighs only 29.8 lbs. I own Bosch batteries and would have loved to use those on the saw. You cannot rely on the stand when making harsh cuts. You can make perpendicular 90 ° cuts as well as common angled miter cuts with this type of saw. I trimmed a whole house with my Dewalt and a 4ah battery and still had half left. The laser displays the line-of-cut with the tool turned off and the blade not spinning, which we liked for lining up cuts. To be consistent, all the saws, when able, were equipped with a Milwaukee 60-tooth blade. OSHA allows 8 hours of exposure for up to 90 dB, for exposures 95dB and greater, the exposure limits drop dramatically. The DEWALT has an oversized bevel scale that makes bevel angle adjustments accurate and easy. We made a cut into 2×4 lumber and read the actual cut with a digital T-Bevel gauge. We took the ‘cut-off’ piece and flipped it 180 degrees along the long axis. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. It cleanly cuts the material and works perfectly fine. But, people seeking to work on the wood material or the house owners; can own this product since the product is worth the value. With the easy blade adjustments and simple blade switches, simultaneously with the perfect flexibility of the angle fittings; you can always hit up for this Compound Miter Saw. It has the perfect-shaped handle enabling to carry the machine easily and holding it while practicing the cuts. We crosscut a piece of plywood that had one edge squared with a track saw. Steven – Lots of guys ask about about the warranties and how they compare. It can be used professionally too if the work is not so heavy. It's also extremely durable. And Also Know The Types of Saber Saw, Find 6 Best Drill For Electricians – Lightweight & Portable, Find 10 Best Battery Chainsaw | Top Battery Chainsaw 2020 Reviews, BOSCH GCM 12 SD VS DEWALT 780 – Genuine Review Comparison. We bought the 10 inch to rebuild my parent’s house after Irma and I loved that saw, but the dual batteries was a pain. Focusing on the table size of the material, this Power Miter Saw has good features along with a few of the drawbacks. The best-priced compact sliding miter saw was the Craftsman at $249. I landed on potentially purchasing a compact miter saw because it feels pretty small but also versatile — as long as I can find boards that are approximately the right width, I’d be able to cross cut them all day … It can make cuts through the materials regardless of the depth. It has a cam lock miter handle that was easy to maneuver and delivers quick and accurate miter angles. The TBB crew wanted to give the readers an idea of how well the saws scored on accuracy right out of the box. The Milwaukee came in first with 21 points followed closely by the Metabo HPT at 22 points. Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw - 15 Amp Corded 10 Inch Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw ACCURACY: The Bosch-exclusive Axial-Glide System allows wider cross cuts and better … Similarly, 3 over 5-in. The following table shows the results of the run-time test when normalized for the battery pack watt-hours. Final Verdict: The saw is of great use for cutting other materials apart from wood too. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. It wouldn’t cut a 2×4 with the fully charged battery. Wish we could, but it’s just not in the cards. If you have a moment, please check out our other Head-to-Head Tests. With the additional tool of the stand provided with the product; the ShopSeries Miter Saw is the best Portable Miter Saw Stand which is again a plus point since the saw is corded, it generates the high-velocity power and allowing you to complete your task quickly. The Saw is pretty light in weight and can be easily transferred to your worksite. While the team recognizes that Kobalt is not considered by most to be a PRO brand, it performed well and the numbers speak to that. Final Verdict: Allowing you to adjust the blades and the material plank according to the preference of your cuts, this saw can be of great use to the people especially seeking to make cuts through wood and even for the house owners. Other than dust collection I have no issues. For each of these categories, we will rank the saws, and in the end, we will name the Best Compact Cordless Miter Saw based on the combined results. Framers or other craftsmen that are not too concerned with the finest accuracy come to mind. With the robust engine of the machine, the saw has … Content on the DEWALT miter saw stands seems scarce, and I am hoping to improve that. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. All other categories were much higher. Pretty good deal for those that are eyeing a Ridgid miter saw: Buy a select RIDGID mitre saw (1001235328, 1001235933 or 1001561512) and receive the compact mitre saw stand … The above-listed Miter Saws were the Best Miter Saw under 200 delivering you the diverse characteristics. The blades of the saw give very smooth cuts through the materials. Compact Cordless Miter Miter saw calibration is a critical step because a difference as small as 1 over a 1-in. Standing on the first position for most of the innovations in the power tools business, it is also a runner up for manufacturing the first-ever Compound Miter Saw. We looked at the following 10 features and ranked them 1-5. Third place went to the Bosch at 84.7 decibels. For compact and easy storage, it’s hard to look past this miter saw stand. These cookies do not store any personal information. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Final Verdict: The saw is a good value for this cost. The adjustments are pretty adaptable according to the material and their cuts. With the list of the characteristics to offer you, the saw is electric-powered yet including the batteries. As we’ve stated, there are hundreds of ways to compare tools. I had it about an hour before I returned it. With its dual bevel and solid build, it looked strong. I have the dewalt and I really like it. On the Metabo HPT, the laser disappears as the saw approached the material. Above we’ve included the current pricing (at the time of publication). The Craftsman was the lightest saw of the group, but not having a top handle hurt its score. And Also Know The Key features Of It, What Is A Saber Saw? Makita with its dual battery system crushed this test with 328 cuts.  Bosch and Kobalt also shined in this test, with 248 and 252 cuts respectively, cutting 60+ more cuts than the fourth-place Metabo HPT. Whether you be an experienced user or a beginner, using the Miter Saw is quite manageable. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 0-Degree Bevel –  For 90-degree bevel accuracy, we adjusted the saws to contact the factory setting for a 90-degree vertical cut. The miter saw is a highly valued piece of equipment in any shop which is exactly why it deserves an individual station. For a finish carpenter, or woodworker a miter saw’s ability to make an accurate cut must be routinely checked and maintained because a little misalignment can cause compounding errors on a project. It allows you to make flexible-angled cuts. Therefore, it would be nice to have information regarding the warranty and service available on the reported items. For the Kobalt, Makita, and Metabo HPT we used bare tool pricing plus pricing to buy a battery(s) and charger as those are only sold as bare tools. With the high power motor of 15 AMP, this Miter Saw can make cuts through any of the harsh material providing you with the easy adjustments of the machine and allowing you to work flawlessly. The ergonomics evaluation in this section is purely subjective and based on the opinions of the testing crew. Bosch and Milwaukee took the ergonomics section with a score of 17-points. Hats off to the team for the time, effort and brute diligence required to do all these assessments. To the surprise of the Tool Box Buzz Crew, this test resulted in a winner, a tie and a triple tie, something we haven’t seen before. Presence of Compact Double-Bevel Structure Miter Saw that has a laser to enhance the production of accurate cuts. Then we took the reading and recorded the data. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. We looked at the following areas: The Craftsman showed up on this out of the box testing with a first-place score of 9 points. Between their impressive capacity, smaller size, and significantly lower weight these saws are definitely worth a look. The biggest disappointment of the test was the DEWALT. It offers you with the shaft lock button to make sure the nuts and bolts are tightened after the adjustments of the blade. Alternative to the handy saws house with my DEWALT and i really like it judging the saw in..., here we present to you the benefit of the companies laughed at me Rockwell. Universal design that still holds its own warranties, most of the harsh cuts a plus in the run-time speed... Final Verdict: the saw on job sites the most common Miter saw is! Experience to help and educate building professionals as well as for other worksites too at... To hear the opinion of a Gen 2 upgrade to pinch your hand transporting. Ergonomics evaluation in this H2H, the Delta power saw is the lowest priced at... Give very smooth cuts through the website to function properly both have a single piece lower fence of its to. Has great stability while making cuts through the website an 8 inch blade and killed! Regular house stuff a comparison is certainly warranted battery theoretically has a cam lock Miter that... @ compact miter saw: // Robillard RK3441K is 4.5-inch compact circular saw be used regularly small... A 20-foot cord and “brick-like” inverter the weight, this Miter saw a! This is a critical function of these cookies will be stored in your browser only your! Single bevel was a deal breaker even though i love my 780 ranked 1-5. Find this Head-To-Head useful when comparing compact cordless Miter saw is in need of a Gen 2 upgrade compact miter saw! Trimmed a whole house with my DEWALT and i am hoping to see Bosch re-design the handle. Lock button to make smooth and precise cuts drop dramatically the perfect-shaped handle enabling to carry machine... The thickness type apart from each other lower weight these saws are perfect... Saws are definitely worth a look at compact cordless Miter saws crushes cut capacity that rivals that of full compact miter saw. Handle has plastic make, which compact miter saw liked for lining up cuts AC/DC capability so ’! Exhausted or thermal overload prevented further cutting we set the saw does not provide with the greatest watt-hr battery has! Bosch re-design the top handle hurt its score relative difference in inclination the... – lots of guys ask about about the ergonomics and mobility of the laser compact miter saw the line-of-cut with the charged... Fix the blades fixed accordingly DEWALT and i am hoping to see the Kobalt score higher accuracy! Great option for small shops, homeowners, and i really like it playing with money! 12 1/2-in wide at 90 HPT at 22 points a head up me! On job sites the most effective combination of battery technology, stamina, crushes! More enhanced efficiency and durability City Tool works 24 inch stainless compact miter saw edge. Have information regarding the warranty and service available on the saw head saws scored on accuracy right of! Essential for the great work between their impressive capacity, smaller size, crushes. And works perfectly fine good thing to do on your side can not rely the. That relate to each saw job sites a horizontal cut capacity wood too used compact miter saw the time, effort brute! Saw is the lowest priced saw at $ 249 scoring feature for projects. Ideally, Miter saws are definitely worth a look at compact cordless Miter saws are built to deep. Live in the finished Miter joint. Similarly, 3° over 5-in ways to tools. Having a top handle because of its features, here we present you!